Firstly, only Group Owners and Group Leaders can create challenges. If that is you, read on! 

If that is not you, but you want it to be, the Group Owner needs to upgrade your status to a Group Leader. 

If you want to be the Group Owner and have your own private platform, upgrade, and buy your own subscription. 

If you want to edit a challenge, click here. 

On to the real question.... creating challenges! 

Here are the step by step instructions in creating a challenge. 

1. From the Group page, click  the " Create Challenge button" 

2. Follows the prompts on the screen as follows: 

  •         Name your Challenge: What is the focus of your challenge? For example, "Let's get cooking!" And Add a photo either from your gallery or from your camera. 

  • Choose a Challenge Template from the drop down menu: 


  • Select the Language of your Challenge content:

  • New Fields are now visible to set up the dates/times you want your challenge to run. The first date/time field is when you want this challenge visible for participants to see. It is recommended to have the challenge visible at least 2 weeks before the start date, so participants can be invited and join. 
  • Enter Starting and End dates of your Challenge. 
  • Cap the number of people for this Challenge 

  • Add a Cool Photo that matches your challenge! Choose one from your gallery or your camera. 
  • After you click "save Challenge" it will appear on your Home page!