This is the basic prospecting challenge to delight people who are new to essential oils. 

The challenge template has lavender, peppermint, lemon and the protective blend and over 100 uses with these four oils. When setting up a challenge, you decide how long the challenge will be, what oils will be sampled, how much of each oil to give (make sure everyone gets the same amount) and if the samples will be free. 

Here is what we recommend when you are first starting out: 

1. Sample the basic 4 oils. If cost is an issue with sending samples, then leave out the protective blend. It's ok. They will see the uses for this blend, and that may also spark more curiosity of what these oils can do. 

2. 1 drop/day. You want to give them enough to try, but not so much that they have left overs after the challenge. 

3. Length of Challenge: 7 days is the most popular time frame, but you can have it for 5 days, or 10 days. Know your niche and experiment. 

4. Should the samples/challenge be free? We believe in the principle of reciprocity. This means if you give something for free, they will be more likely to say "yes" and follow up. You are building on know, like, trust - so generosity is a good starting place. We recommend gifting the first challenge samples, and if they don't enroll, then later challenges will be charged. 

Attached is a PDF you can download with a timeline of action items to get your team started! 

To see how to create the challenge on the app, go to the "How do I create a Challenge?" article.