Passion and excitement are what makes these challenges super fun! Pass on that excitement. Remember your participants don't know much about essential oils and you are not selling a vial of oil, you are giving them a peak into a potential future filled with hope, health and wealth. A future where they have more control of their health, emotions and well being. 

Delightfully is based on playfulness, discovery and fun, so allow yourself to have fun and play too! You don't have to know it all, you just need to show up and cheer your participants through the challenge, encouraging them to experiment with the magical vials you've given them. 

Included are some sample slides in PDF form for you to customise for your context. The important part of this is to communicate the VALUE of what you are bringing. Challenges are a fun alternative to teaching classes which combines the strength of collaboration, discovery, and imagination. It flows perfectly into the PIPES model of building your business. Remember high engagement will lead to more sales. 

Here's how Delightfully works for you: 

The content is in the app (how to use the oils).  

The invites are written for you. 

The system will track their engagement. 

You focus on relationships.