Delightfully has been designed to be as flexible as possible. 

  • Post tasks as often as you want. CO and CC's can post tasks. 
  • Post Events - so include links to other platforms for video calls, or links to other URL's - like videos you want them to watch. 
  • Post instructions, with text, images or a short video clip (around 30 seconds). 

Remember the aim is engagement, so read your audience and see what is needed for them to share and engage with others. 

If you find that there are certain tasks that are repeated with every challenge, you can save them on an external doc to copy/paste. 

Here is a way to do this to keep all challenge material in one place:

Create a google spreadsheet of your challenges. You can share this with your other builders and collaborate in one place. 

If you create your challenge template, add these tabs to that document to keep everything in one place. 

Tab 1:  Call list 

Tab 2: Tasks/challenge

Tab 3: Scripts for invites

Tab 4: Challenge launch and wrap up notes

Tab 5: Closing call scripts and offers